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  • Doddle Helps Oxford based Web Agency reduce monthly costs by 10-15%

    Virtual B2B is an established virtual sales and digital marketing agency working with multiple global clients and freelancers through various portals including UpWork and PeoplePerHour.   The company has achieved substantial growth but were paying considerable fees to freelance portals to manage their client projects so that they could track time of their freelancers, communicate with clients and produce accurate task based billing. 

    "We love the simple dashboard which can be setup for each client and then we can track time and work as a global team on the project, We are really happy with the ease of use and the service and support they provide”  – Hannah, Virtual B2B

    The Challenge:  When we approached Virtual B2B to see if we can be of assistance and it was quickly identified that they lose significant revenue to freelancer portals which constituted around 10-15% of their monthly income. The client base which they had built up was based on building strong relationships and the main reason they were using the portals was so that the projects could be managed in terms of tracking time of worked hours and communicating with their clients and freelancers. The clients wanted transparency and the freelancers needed to be monitored to have their time tracked. In all instances no one was happy with paying the fee's considering they had longstanding relationships but wanted to keep the project management aspects that come with using such portals.


    Our Proposition

    We commenced with jargon-free, agency-specific engagement where by we were educating various levels of the hierarchy with the primary purpose of understanding the current issues what kind of tasks they were carrying out and how they could be more productive. The benefits of adopting their own project management system and to choose Doddle were very clear from the offset. When provided a demonstration, we specifically simulated the kind of tasks, dialogue and billing required with their existing projects. Our free trial was not just simply quick show of features and benefits but provided Virtual B2B with a clear visual of the simplicity of making the transition. Our hands-on support through always being available with live chat and having an account manager helped to manage the implementation with free trial and the full roll out only took a couple of hours to get started.  


    Project Implementation (Post Free Trial)

    In providing such a detailed and proactive approach to a free trial based implementation we were able to breed confidence with senior management and simultaneously it was embraced by the team as being easy to use. The cost savings were clear as a simple £7.50 per month per user in contrast to paying a large commission for the same service via a freelancer portal did not need much convincing. The clients which they were currently working with also embraced the changes as they now had their own "Unique" dashboard which had been personalised and they could not only view and add tasks but conduct internal messaging and complete approvals in the same way they were doing previously. The value add for their clients was simple.... They also save time, money and get clear transparency in working with the agency whether billing is hourly or per project.



    Digital Agencies which stem from a grouping of individuals to work on multiple projects and intend to achieve business growth are stifled by commissions paid to large portals simply to manage the projects, tasks, time and communicate with clients. As a Cambridge based, UK tech innovator, Doddle can help achieve considerable savings through a simple and effective transition from a managed process to managing your own. We have received a hike in demand for web agencies who also have this same issue and are looking to address their issues on a case-by-case basis.


    Have a think and if your agency uses freelancer portals then do some quick Maths, £7.50 per user with unlimited tasks and no tarrifs or a whopping percentage of the sales. If you think this is an option for you then please feel free to book your demo. We will assist you completely in terms of onboarding and making sure that there is a smooth transition. It is easy, actually!... it's a Doddle.