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  • Is Your Schedule Spiralling Out Of Control

    Is Your Schedule Spiralling Out of Control?

    Chaos should never reign in your work life. Freelancers and project managers have a duty to themselves, and their business, to climb out of an assignment landslide, separating projects over achievable timeframes. You’ll start to feel like the same day never ends if your schedule is swamped with delays and uncertainty.

    So don’t spiral into oblivion – push those deadlines aside, just for a moment, to breathe easier with a free project management tool. Skwish was built with these very situations in mind; your workflow is our prerogative, and we can help you in the following ways:

    Designating tasks properly

    Are you in a muddle with contributing freelancers? They might extend into the several dozen, lying in wait for missions that’ll use their skills to the fullest. Yet it’s possible that, by using some only rarely, you get one assignment or the other mixed up between two people.

    Skwish can remind you and the remote working team when their tasks are due to be completed. It can present the full schedule for weeks in advance, if you wish. Therefore, at a glance, no-one is confused about what they’re supposed to be doing.

    Sending and receiving feedback

    Regular feedback is integral to long-term collaboration, but it can be difficult to pinpoint what you’re trying to say without the right tools. Skwish allows you to annotate documents, leave comments on tasks and even drop pins onto web pages when bug tracking, making it easy to give feedback to your freelancers.

    Your own clients can use those same tools, as well as giving online approvals when they’re ready to sign off a task or project. It saves you precious minutes chasing up research material and a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ when all’s said and done.

    Notifying your workers

    Do your freelancers and remote staff need prompting, on a regular basis, to get going on something? They could have poor timekeeping skills, or maybe they struggle with email communication.

    Worry no longer with Skwish at your side – our notification feature tells them what’s due, when approvals have been made, and whether deadlines have been moved around last minute. Users can even set desktop alerts, so they never miss an update.

    Instant quoting abilities

    Awesome: someone loves what you’ve produced, and they want more, as quick as you can pull it together. But do you really need to be jumping back on the phone for quoting prices? Shouldn’t there be a way to lay them out on the table, so the client knows what else may be in the pipeline?

    With Skwish’s quoting system, that’s exactly what’ll happen – a clear and concise breakdown of the extra services you offer. Clients can choose what appeals to them, which eliminates the rigmarole of running through your price structure.

    Project management is a game of two halves: you may be amazing at conjuring up a list of briefs for the foreseeable future, but it’s how you organise, disseminate and follow-up on those tasks that’ll decide how efficient you are.

    See the rest of the characteristics that make up Skwish, the free online project management tool that professionals shouldn’t do without!