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  • New Partnership With The Office Group

    Skwish recently founded a new partnership with The Office Group; one of the most creative and forward thinking co-working spaces in the UK.

    Shared workspaces are fast becoming some of the UK’s go-to places for freelancers; long gone are the days of working alone in an office in your house or dare I say it, the garden shed. Freelancers are embracing the friendly, flexible working environment of workspaces with the added benefit of interaction with other freelancers.

    Our new partnership with The Office Group saw them offer their member’s access to a co-branded Skwish; bringing over 11,000 freelancer’s access to quoting, client management and task management software anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

    Our aim at Skwish is to solve the problems many freelancers have including time management, client feedback processes, scheduling and knowing what’s out for billing at the end of the month. We’re proud to be partnered up with The Office Group adding a benefit to their members and helping to make freelancing simple.

    With freelancing fast becoming one of the most diverse workforces in Britain we’re excited to see them onboard producing fantastic work for a wide range of clients and giving them access to features that could become fundamental to propelling their freelance business.

    Find out more about The Office Group here or join Skwish for yourself today at skwish