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    Money, Money, Money…

    Money makes the world go round… well it doesn’t, gravity does but it does make your business work.

    You will find the Skwish project management tool has been built to simplify making money, and keep track of your quotes and costs.

    Rate Cards

    There are two ways to set your rate in Skwish; if you have a standard rate for all clients you can set that in your personal menu under rates and permissions. If your clients have individual costs or preferential rates you can set this in the individual client profiles.


    Here’s where you will find your monthly quotes, approved tasks and completed tasks. We’ve put the quoted work in this section so you can see where the potential for business is.

    The values you see will be refreshed every month with the ability to download and view monthly figures. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to earn money, keep track of your finances and bill your clients.


    Here’s where quoting really takes centre stage; assign your staff to quote on work that applies to them, submit it to your client and wait for approval. Once approved the finance is locked into your dashboard as approved finances.