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  • How To Work Smarter With Project Management Software

    Time is precious as a contractor, freelancer or project manager. In fact, it’s bloomin’ expensive. And yet, much of our working days dwindle away in a constant stream of email threads, client calls and admin that really we could do without.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way! Technology has come on so far in recent years that many of those mundane tasks can be automated and streamlined, meaning that you don’t have to work harder to watch your income grow.

    How, we hear you ask? With free online project management software…

    All in one place

    Keeping your project on track can be tricky when you’ve got a team to co-ordinate. Before you know it, the neat project you started off with has evolved into a sprawl of emails between you, the client and any freelancers involved. This can be time-consuming to keep up with, not to mention increasing the risk of something getting lost in translation.

    Using free task management software (like Skwish!) cuts out the red tape, allowing everyone to communicate, upload files and share feedback in one place. So whether you’re bug tracking or managing a big campaign, you can bypass the hassle of going backwards and forwards with emails.

    Time = money

    We’ll say it again – your time is a valuable commodity, so make sure it’s accounted for. Project management software will make you more aware of how much time you’re spending and where, so that you can price your services and those of your team accurately. You’d be amazed by how much those “can you just”s add up…

    Skwish allows you to set rates for everyone in your team, submit quotes for online approvals, log time for projects and, most importantly, track your earnings as you move forward.

    A crystal ball

    When you’re deep into a project, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees, which makes planning ahead for new contracts and projects difficult. Again, software can solve this issue, helping you mind the gap with online scheduling that allows you to accurately map out your time.

    So instead of frantically searching for work when a big contract comes to an end, you can stay one step ahead of your team’s availability, and make sure you always have your ducks in a row with a steady stream of clients.

    Staying organised is imperative in any business, but unless you have the right tools for the job, it’s easy to make a mountain out of a molehill. The Code Guy is proud to make life simpler for project managers, freelancers and businesses of all sizes, so that you can ensure your whole team is as productive as it can be.

    Want to learn more about how Skwish could streamline your workflow? Take a look at some of the fantastic features, and set up your free account to get started.