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    Working in a creative industry, thorough feedback is the key to making sure you’re happy with the finished product.

    From years of working in advertising and web development, we at Skwish, understand the tedious tradition of listing out your amendments via email or word document. Skwish feedback app has been designed to prevent lengthy descriptions and miss communications.

    Upload your design into the task and request your client’s feedback. In the bottom right corner of your design is the Skwish logo, clicking this will enable you to drop pins around your design and leave notes where you want to make changes.

    The Skwish App

    Skwish isn’t just about working on designs; sometimes when an initial design has been agreed it’s not quite right when implemented.

    We have designed the Skwish bug picker app; installing the Google Chrome Skwish app enables you to give feedback on any website to your web developers. Log new ideas, mark changes and bugs in a few simple clicks.

    The tasks will appear in the chosen project folder ready for your agency to work on.

    Get started with the Skwish bug picker tool here