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  • 3 Ingredients Of Successful Project Management

    A dash of great ideas; some organisational seasoning; stir liberally with online collaboration… the recipe for delicious project management isn’t reserved for nationwide companies and established names. Anyone can get the essential, nourishing ingredients for smooth co-ordination if they know where to look.

    So what are the basics of successful project management? Let’s take a look at them, and how they come together for a hearty hold on your team’s creativity…

    1. Clear scheduling

    The overarching requirements of a collaborative effort can’t just happen at random, whenever a team member feels something has to be done. Project managers must map out the workflow, choosing when tasks should be prioritised, and by whom.

    As such, it’s crucial to share an online calendar that can be updated and viewed in real time. Skwish’s daily breakdown neatly lays out a to-do list for each team member, with notifications that flag up new tasks as they are assigned. And with a calendar that extends to weeks and months ahead, planning can have plenty of foresight.

    2. Effortless communication

    It’s getting to be more and more of a hassle to pick through complex email chains, various comments running over each other. Specifics can get submerged in a sustained barrage of dialogue between different email accounts, so you really should avoid managing projects this way whenever possible.

    A preferable solution is to have a dedicated platform for conversations on each assignment. This means your all-important bug tracking topic won’t descend into a debate on formatting. You can make notes, share comments, add changes, and upload edits for online approvals, so everyone is always on the same page.

    3. Instant quoting

    In many cases, project resources don’t stretch far enough, at least from their initial outline. Circumstances can quickly flex and bend; bringing on freelancers, adding extra features, and running over estimated timescales can all ramp up the total cost.

    So doesn’t it make sense to simplify the quoting process and make it more transparent? After all, clients don’t like to be under the impression that they’re getting your prices wrong, or that a charge is unjustified. Our online quoting feature means there’s no cause for worry anymore – what you’ll do, and how much they’ll pay for it, is right there in front of them.

    Once you have these 3 key ingredients simmering nicely on the boil, you’ll never be in a ‘stew’ again! Skwish combines the essentials of water-tight project management that leaves you with the taste of a job well done. By getting your clients and team members on the same page, and encouraging a pro-active approach to every endeavour, there’s no room for sour grapes as you march on to the endpoint.

    We’d very much like to show you the other features we’ve cooked up, so give our free online project management tool a whirl to learn about our comprehensive and intelligent management platform.