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    Everything you need in one place…awesome!

    I like to live by the mantra; messy life = messy mind (but, it doesn’t always work).

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not some super organised know it all; but I do know when people’s birthdays are, what things are going on with my kids at school and when invoices need paying by.

    As a busy working mum of 2 boys and a part time freelancer, I have to be organised. In fact, I like to being organised. I feel an inner peace when everything is running smoothly. When things are out of sync I feel chaotic and out of control. Unfortunately, that’s how I was starting to feel with my freelance business.

    In the last few months my copywriting has really started to take off, but, sadly my organisation has failed to keep up with it. In fact, I will go as far to say it was woefully lacking order, balance and it was starting to affect my work.

    When I first started out freelancing and only had one client, I didn’t have to juggle too many balls so Windows Calendar and Asana did the job. It was sufficient enough to keep track of tasks and to log notes. As I took on more clients; it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of quoting future work, scheduling in tasks and end of month finances. It was becoming obvious I needed something more sophisticated and geared up for the job.

    A fellow freelancer suggested I try Doddle. And, I am very happy to say that balance and calm have been restored to my business.

    Doddle is amazing. It is very easy to use. In fact, I was using it within 2 minutes of registering as a user. Yes, it is that easy to use.

    Reasons why I use Doddle instead of other applications:

    1. It has a clean and simple dashboard that displays upcoming projects and tasks. You don’t need to flick between different dashboards to find the information you need.

    2. Its functionality is very smooth. It uses a 3 step process: 1. Add a client. 2. Add a project. 3. Add tasks.

    3. It solves all the problems I've been having managing multiple clients and quotes.

    4. You can create a separate dashboard for team projects. Members of the team will only have access to their specific dashboard. Meaning, details of your other projects are kept confidential.

    5. The scheduling tool makes it easy to assign tasks to specific team members.

    6. Its project tracking tool is extremely effective. It is very easy to see at what stage each project is at.

    7. There's a Doddle app! For me the best thing about the app is that clients can download it to Google Chrome and pin feedback directly from their website, perfect for saving time but also ensuring there arent any miscommunications.

    Doddle provides everything freelancers need to run their business efficiently.

    “It has been designed by freelancers for freelancers”.