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  • The Importance Of Client Management For Agencies

    We like to think of ourselves as ‘people’ people, galvanised by the endless personalities we see on our social media screens, all those options to connect and link and share our thoughts. A form of this has impacted the professional sphere, too, in terms of relationships with new and valued clients alike. Communication, and your attitude to it, is now a bare marker for good business sense.

    Competitors can steal clients from under your nose if they manage to present themselves as more open and responsive. Don’t let them get the upper hand, and be sure to remember the impression you’ll create with prompt, clued-in dialogue as projects merrily continue.

    Front and centre in your mind

    Do you feel slightly perplexed when a close friend doesn’t respond to a text for several hours? If a spouse only took phone calls when she or he liked, that would be a disastrous marriage, wouldn’t it? These are very specific examples of communication-based resentment, but you should treat clients along the same lines.

    Leave them hanging too long on an email chain, and they’ll think you’re being ignorant, or that you have other, more pressing business. This might not even be your fault, since a deluge of emails can boggle anyone and distract from an immediate schedule. Internet bugs, meanwhile, can distort whatever information you’ve sent, throwing up another roadblock when you need it least.

    We much prefer Skwish’s online bug tracking feature, which sweeps any agency-client messages for coding errors. In fact, using Skwish as a project management platform is much better in general, as it lays out your discourse in an impeccably simple format. Suddenly, scatter-gun emails over days and weeks look a bit redundant, seeing as every interchange – delineated by topic – will be stored in one place.

    Instant approval, instant knowledge

    Above all, modern businesspeople like to be kept up to date with whatever they’re involved in. The pressure of getting deadlines, commitments and quality down to a T has never been more noticeable in our work culture. These are high standards to uphold but, especially if you’re directing a host of people under your authority, it makes sense to have everyone on the same page within a moment’s notice.

    That’s why Skwish has been designed to collate all your resources, team members and sign offs in a single, handy package. Once your clients realise there’s nothing lost in translation between giving their permission and final acceptance of a project’s end goal, they’ll be twice as happy to let you work autonomously.

    It’s the extra security provided by widespread knowledge, that prime commodity in the digital age. Trust is the key to this – if we don’t trust the info we’re given, we can’t harness it. Skwish lets you build a clear rapport with the client, your staff and whoever else is working on something, outlining timeframes and edits as the assignment marches towards completion.

    We haven’t even begun to divulge calendar notifications, which will remind you of a professional anniversary or a date close to the client’s heart, the icing on the cake for impressing them greatly! See – it’s not too difficult to celebrate your professional contacts, garnering a reputation for sweetness, speed and good manners.

    To see more of what the Skwish techies can do for you, such as online scheduling and ultra-quick service quotes, bend our ears a little, and get in touch today.