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  • Get Started using Doddle

    It’s easy to get started using Doddle but there’s lots of great hidden features.

    To get started you only need to know the basics, these guides will help you on your way to quick, organised project management.

    Sign up!

    You’ve probably already done this – but just so we cover all bases…

    It’s best to use your work email address, or your primary email address. When you’re not online to receive on screen notifications we will send you an email update with the changes to your projects or if you’ve been tagged in.

    My Folder

    We’ve added this standard folder in for you to practice with. Working in advertising, marketing and web development you’re constantly in demand; sometimes you’ll find it easier to list out your daily tasks and cross them off as you go. The folder works in the same way as your client’s projects if you set the date it will appear in your schedule in the same way as any other daily tasks.


    When you start with Doddle it asks you to create a project, type in the name of your project, for example, our first project was ‘Project Management program’ our client was The Code Guy.

    When you add The Code Guy in this section it automatically creates them as a client for you. You can invite the client team in the client section.


    Tasks are the most important part of the project management process. We believe that breaking down a project into manageable tasks is an effective way to ensure everything will be done and on time. Tasks can be quoted to ensure you know how much to charge, scheduled so you know when to do them and approved by the client.


    Tasks have the option to leave comments, when your task is completed you and your clients have the ability to comment, feedback or add ideas. Part of our project management techniques include collaborative work; keeping the team and client in the loop can ensure a positive client relationship.


    When a projects complete you can submit it to the client for final sign off and approval. When the client has approved the project and tasks drop into your archived folder. This will ensure your projects aren’t ever lost but they are kept out of the way for you to focus on the next big thing.

    Have a play around using your personal folder and when you’re ready start adding your clients and real projects to Doddle.

    To find out some of the more advanced features of Doddle Project Management, check out the rest of our guides.