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  • 5 Ways Doddle can put your Web Agency into Productivity Hyper-drive

    Why does your Web Agency need task management software?

    Task management software is the evolution of the to-do list and has become a fundamental tool in the armoury of any successful web agency in managing their teams and clients. One of the biggest blockers to improving productivity for an agency is how to handle the vast amounts of information being funnelled in and determining how to decipher the following:

    What is actually an actionable task? 

    What should we prioritise?

     Does the task require teamwork or delegation?

    Does the client understand the work required?

    Are we charging enough for the project?


     Doddle was built by Paul Allington (Check him out on LinkedIn), as a productivity tool which at that time was required to support the The Code Guy's business growth by managing multiple projects and scaling with relative ease. Just a quick insight into Paul, he is the CTO of Doddle and built it with a clear passion to solve a problem! whilst inadvertently solving a fair few others. Many great inventions have been created by mistake! Doddle was born out of the desire to be able to provide a simplified workspace where teams and clients could colloaborate without needing to jump through systems to appease one another or follow big strings of emails to determine what they actually require each other to do.

    Here are some other examples of things that were made by mistake! 

    • Microwave
    • Penicillin
    • Potato Chips
    • Post-it Notes 

    The Post-It Note was probably the first ever to-do list and leads us on nicely to how Doddle can get you into productivity hyperdrive.


    We tend to receive information sequentially when consciously absorbing it, this means as we receive an email from a client or a message from a team mate we absorb the information and then make a decision. Normally, Is it a task? statement? idea or something I don't need to think about right now. In addition, we receive all of the unwanted distractions which surround us like phone notifications, email offers etc. Doddle allows your team to think differently... In a task-centric way. What we mean is that when we absorb information received from a client or team mate in the context of a project we need to first determine if it is indeed a task that is actionable?

    If it is, then it goes onto Doddle. We devised a simple dashboard where the tasks are then visible and columised so that they are either to-do, doing or done. So now you understand... on to Hyperdrive! 


    Hyperdrive occurs when you do the following 5 things

    1) Communicate on all tasks specifically through direct task specific messaging - This puts an end to long email strings scouring for relevant information

    2) Work in a shared workspace on particular projects and will improve collaboration - Share files, messages, priorities and create and delegate subtasks from the origin of a main task.

    3) Prioritize Everything! - All tasks need to be assigned a priority but with Doddle you can define your own priorities on tasks and then go deeper and prioritise the sub tasks which make up the latter.

    4) Charge your clients for Actual Work - Through Doddle you can if required allow your clients to have access to their own unique dashboard and even add tasks if you like. We have had reports from users that they are then able to increase the charges to their clients as they are being more transparent about the value they are providing. Also, less explaining to do!

    5) Time Track every task - this is not for big brother spying on your team (unless you want to :-)) but the time tracking features allow you allocate all the time to specific tasks and monitor how much time through reports is actually spent on each task. You can then identify whether the rates you are charging justify the time you are spending.


    So there you have it! 5 simple changes you can make by using Doddle that will put your web agency into hyperdrive. Productivity is increased through working more efficiently and strategically not through adding more resources.


    Arrange your free demo today and get stated for free!