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  • 4 Unexpected Things That'll Wow Clients

    As a businessperson, good relationships are everything. We don’t want to get gooey here, but fostering great feelings with clients is one of the most rewarding perks of self-employment– we like to be valued, by equals who’ve worked hard to get where they are.

    To do this, it’s a smart move to wow your clients with a surprise or two. Since we can take our business networks for granted, here are a couple of methods for building trust and rapport, making no bones about your goodwill…

    1. Send them a gift

    We love all things digital, but sometimes you just can’t beat a clunking sound from the letterbox as a parcel drops to your welcome mat. Even a regular card every Christmas can mean the world to clients who are probably accustomed to business relationships lacking affection.

    Sending your favourite, long-term clients a random gift – hampers are a great choice – has a value that outstrips the material cost you’ve expended. If possible, try to do so with no warning, maximising the shock factor.

    2. A thoughtful touch

    A physical gift is all well and good, yet merely remembering a special date on the calendar is enough to send clients into a paroxysm of gratitude. That’s why noting down a birthday, or the anniversary of your first dealings together, can show that you’re keeping them in mind through the year.

    You can store key dates – as well as addresses – in the notes on your client profile. So if a special milestone is coming up, you can give your client a call, or write an email sending well wishes for the future.

    3. Save them hassle

    We understand that the bond between you and your clients depends on staying on the same page, all the time. That’s why adding a client to Skwish can perfectly surmise your desire to keep a healthy, professional relationship in good order.

    Our features include instant sign-offs for online quoting and work, putting the power in the client’s hands and saving reams of frantic, back-and-forth emails. Online feedback assures that both of you will be clued up on what the other’s thinking, for project management with unmatched efficiency.

    4. Deliver brilliant results

    In the end, a bottom line persists – you should be focusing on getting the results your clients are after, reaching beyond their bare outlines into something transcendent, a standard they may never have thought possible.

    By using Skwish, you’ll be right on top of your workload, monitoring what’s on your agenda for the months ahead. Reaping the benefits of free task management means your efforts will be laser-sharp; each assignment, clear and up-to-date with the latest notes and deadlines, will be carried out to its full potential.

    So, how does that sound? Swish has been designed with foresight in mind, and we know a little bit of thought tends to count, especially on a task management platform of this scale. Get started with an account today, or contact our team for the ultimate way to strengthen those client ties.