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  • 5 Resolutions Every Freelancer Should Make

    The self-employed rarely get a breather in their workflow, never mind some well-earned downtime. Yet the New Year’s approaching with the velocity of a speeding bullet and, in its wake, you’ll be able to relax and take stock of what 2016 has brought you.

    Some of this thought process might include a handful of resolutions. Freelancers and contractors should always tinker with their professional outlook, refusing to be complacent as their business drives ever forward. Here are five ideas to get you going:

    1. Don’t say ‘yes’ to everything

    The false motto of freelancing run thusly: ‘I must accept any work I am offered at a moment’s notice, because I’m terrified of losing business.’ We’re here to remind you that this shouldn’t be the case. Yes, by any means, take all sorts of assignments at a modest rate when you start, but be more selective as you grow, leaning towards projects you really care about. It’s all about harnessing the expertise you’ve cultivated.

    2. Research your industry

    Inspiration is the best cultivation – without a doubt, your value will increase if you’re absolutely on-point with what the industry at large is up to. Whether you’re involved in the arts, technology, sports or professional services, there’ll be a cavalcade of information to absorb and use for your benefit. Clients are more inclined to accept your judgement if you can draw on current goings-on.

    3. Track your time

    Freelancers are well aware that time and revenue go hand in hand. The whole point of project management is to maximise every hour you spend on something, no matter how complicated it is. Using a time tracker, such as the one on Skwish, will serve your economical approach to work and give you visibility on where your hours disappear.

    4. Know when you have the green light

    In a similar vein, it’s vital to cut out any wasted time, most of which can be pinned on starting a project without the client’s approval. Our free task management portal links you and your clients in a digital space, where everyone can see what the other party is on board with. You’ll be notified when an assignment is greenlit, and be able to look back through their comments and brief as you get on with it.

    5. Simplify your quoting strategy

    As 2017 barrels along, some people will come back to you wanting additions to a project they love. This is great news, as you’re obviously doing something right, and further work is never unappreciated. But do clients realise what you charge for certain features or tasks?

    Again, Skwish solves your freelancing woes, laying out the particulars of your quoting system for their decisions to take root. That means no more confusion over rates; surely a godsend for your client relationships.

    We’re entirely confident that the coming year will be your best yet, providing those resolutions are business-minded, not confined to gym gear or a little less wine at the dinner table. If you’re a freelancer or contractor, choose Skwish for the coming months, to give your workflow the final touch it needs.