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    Key features:

    Intuitive channels

    • Organise and align your conversations for greater efficiency
    • Allocate channels based on teams, projects, clients, or something else
    • Members can join or leave as needed as the workflow progresses
    • Invite internal staff and/ or external clients into your channel for free; adapt it to be whatever you require

    Build bespoke workflows

    • Personalise each channel
    • Chose and assign colour schemes
    • Create individual workflows; define the number of steps and what those should be
    • Clearly see progress along the workflow towards your goal; don’t let anything slip

    Align conversations

    • Bring together the key stakeholders to get decisions made
    • Add context by uploading documents or videos
    • Keep all discussions and documentation together for easy reference
    • Seamlessly create actionable tasks as they arise in conversations
    • Assign tasks to individuals to target responsibility
    • Keep track of task progression along your personalised workflow
    • Visually see completion of all tasks to meet your end goal and then archive 

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