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    The Mentor Exchange...

    Ready-made add-on portal

    • Full hands on support at every step
    • Drop your content in and roll out your training in minutes
    • Create sequences of training that will auto-populate daily/ weekly/ whenever you want for delegates to access over any specified length of time
    • A simple solution for delivering day-to-day training with a personal approach
    • Allows you to bring the content to life with videos and interactive conversation
    • Proven to be an effective and efficient way of delivering chunks of information with accompanying activities to a large audience with varying start dates

    The personal touch

    • The course can start as soon as an individual signs up on day 0 and is addressed to them personally by name
    • The two-way comms channel makes them feel connected to you as the trainer and video enhances that further
    • Clear channels on the dashboard helps you track overall progress of everyone taking part
    • Send out a broadcast to everyone, or have a 1:1 chat, it's up to you!

    Already successfully in use...

    Here's some fantastic feedback we've received from clients delivering content via The Mentor Exchange

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