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  • Making A Splash For Project Management

    Agencies, freelancers and contractors live or die by their ability to stay organised, yet managing ongoing projects or multiple team members can be near impossible when you’re bombarded with a never-ending thread of emails. We’ve seen the perils of online project management first-hand in our dealings with both clients and freelancers, and saw a gaping hole in the market for a widget that would plug the gap.

    And so Skwish was born. We touched on our project, money and client management tool in our last blog, but if you’re curious about what makes our platform the crème de la crème, let us give you a taste of how it could transform your workflow.

    Clever client management

    “A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all,” so the saying goes. This is doubly true when dealing with clients who are investing in your services and trusting you with a precious portion of their business.

    Skwish is designed to make top-notch client management par the course, by giving you a dedicated platform for online approvals, bug tracking, scheduling and more. Your client can easily prioritise tasks, access the latest version of a file, and provide instant online feedback for you and any other team members to action.

    As your working relationship blossoms, you can strengthen those bonds by building their profile with notes and reminders, ensuring you always deliver work on time, in the preferred format. Want to surprise them with a birthday gift? Simply jot down the date on their client page.

    Perfect for project managers

    Of course, project management is rarely a two-person game; if you’ve got a team to manage or communicate with, it’s easy for briefs and responsibilities to get lost in translation.

    Our free online project management tool allows you to assign tasks to specific team members, along with deadlines for their completion. As soon as you delegate a task, your team member will receive a notification, and they can view their workflow for the day or week in Skwish’s online scheduling page.

    Watching the pennies roll in

    It goes without saying that smooth project and client management will clear the path for higher earnings, but there are other ways in which Skwish can assist your business growth.

    Our widget allows you to set rates for team members and freelancers, as well as quoting online for tasks and projects before you go ahead. Online approvals mean clients can easily sign-off on new projects and additional costs, while earnings are clearly displayed on your platform. Managing your finances has never been simpler.

    We told you Skwish has a lot to shout about, and we hope you’ll see for yourself what makes it a cut above the competition. Free task management plans for freelancers and contractors with one client mean you don’t have to spend a penny to get started. If you want to upgrade, our cost-effective packages make it easy to step up your plan as your business grows.

    Sound tempting? Set up your free account today to see why we’re so very excited to share our baby with the world.